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Toggles & Push-Buttons

In North America, Meljac’s momentary toggle switches and push buttons are intended for low-voltage use only as part of a class 2 circuit.  When integrated into a third-party lighting-control or home automation system, our low-voltage dry-contact closure switches can be programmed to perform a variety of dimming and control functions, including:

  • Single switch on/off + dimming functions
  • Lighting scenes
  • Shade control
  • All home on/off


Outlets & Data Plates

All Meljac power outlet plates come assembled with 15A 125V AC receptacles.  These tamper-resistant receptacles are UL-listed and CSA-approved.  Meljac offers the following types of outlet plates:

  • Wall Outlets – Duplex version with visible screws compatible with standard US single-gang back box.
  • Floor Outlets (Water-Resistant / IP44) – Single and double versions install flush.  Also suitable for exterior wall locations.
  • Kitchen Outlets - Designed for ease-of-integration and minimal space usage in kitchen cabinetry.

In addition, Meljac offers various other jacks such as phone, data, television, audio, video, and USB charging ports, all of which can be integrated and combined into any of our plates according to client specification.



Back Boxes

In general, Meljac keypads and outlets require a proprietary, UL-listed back box that is included with purchase direct from LVL-USA.  Below is an overview of standard Meljac plate sizes offered and the corresponding back-box reference and drawing.

Meljac back boxes for 117 mm plates and larger include a divider to allow for the combination of line and low-voltage components on the same plate.

Meljac back boxes are stocked and available for delivery 3-5 days after order confirmation.
For custom plate sizes and items (e.g. elevator plates), Meljac also offers the ability to fabricate custom back boxes.



Specialty Items

Meljac also offers expertise at creating bespoke electrical plates, including:

  • Video Intercom / Security Entry Keypads
  • Interior Elevator Plates and Call Buttons
  • Combination lighting control and data plates for headboards and desks
  • Volume Controls



Meljac plates can be engraved with a wide range of fonts, symbols or custom designs.  In addition to mechanical engraving, Meljac also offers:

  • Laser Engraving
  • Resin Fillers
  • Relief Engraving
  • Back-Lit Engraving
  • Braille

Please contact LVL-USA for any questions regarding fonts or additional engraving options.




Meljac offers 26 standard finishes in various treatments of brass, bronze, chrome, copper and nickel.

For large orders, Meljac also has the expertise and practice to match most custom finishes.  

Plates with cool finishes (e.g. chrome and nickel), come standard with chrome push buttons or toggles.

Plates with warm finishes (e.g. bronze and brass), come standard with gold push buttons or toggles.




MELJAC is available to the trade-only, exclusively from LVL-USA.

Lighting control and home automation keypads are purchased through the LVL-USA network of AV-integrators.   




Av-Integrator Networks

If you are an AV-professional interested in becoming a part of the LVL-USA integrator network, please fill out the form below. LVL-USA will contact you with further information.